OpenShift Service Mesh

RedHat OpenShift Service Mesh is a tool for traffic management, tracing, service authentication and access policy enforcement within the OpenShift cluster. It’s based on Istio, Kiali, and Jaeger.

Use cases

Traffic management

OpenShift Service Mesh can be used to manage in-cluster traffic between services and allows for centralized configuration of traffic patterns such as load balancing, rate limiting or circuit breakers.

Deployment patterns

A service mesh enables continuous deployment patterns based on automated testing and traffic switchover, such as canary deployments or dark launches.

Observability and Distributed Tracing

OpenShift Service Mesh comes with Jaeger for distributed tracing. Tracing is an important tool to understand the behaviour of a complex microservice architecture under load, as it allows identifying bottlenecks and sources of latency.

Authentication and Authorization

Using OpenShift Service Mesh, you can leverage Istio’s capabilities for authentication and authorization between services or between the user and your application.