Preparing the APPUiO project

Before we go on with pushing to the APPUiO registry from GitLab CI, we will prepare our APPUiO project such that it knows how to handle those incoming pushes. As this will be done using the CLI, we have to login to APPUiO and switch to the correct project (the OpenShift CLI is preinstalled in our Vagrant box):

$ oc login
$ oc project docs_example

Creating an ImageStream

OpenShift introduces a concept called ImageStreams to handle docker images. This basically allows OpenShift to track changes to images and handle them appropriately. Each new push to the APPUiO registry updates the ImageStream which in turn triggers a new deployment of said image.

We will want to push images to an ImageStream called webserver with tags latest, stable and live and handle those with deployments to staging, preprod and prod. We can create said ImageStream using the command oc create is webserver.


APPUiO will automatically create an ImageStream if one doesn’t yet exist (for incoming pushes). The above example is thought as an illustration of how it could be done manually.

Relevant Readings / Resources

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