Deploying to APPUiO

Now that we have setup Jenkins and created a pipeline with which it can build and deploy to our environments, the only thing left to do is actually create the DeploymentConfigs and Services on APPUiO. As we have done this several times by now, we will only shortly summarize the commands.

The Jenkins pipeline for the staging environment will trigger a new Source-To-Image build which then creates an image called orders:latest. The remaining stages will each pick up an existing image and retag it from latest to stable and from stable to live. Thus, we will only need to create three simple image based DeploymentConfigs.

oc new-app orders:latest --name orders-staging
oc new-app orders:stable --name orders-preprod
oc new-app orders:live --name orders-preprod

When planning to run the application, each of these environments would additionally need an associated instance of PostgreSQL. These can easily be created from the official OpenShift template.