Getting Started

Web Console

Login to the Platform here: Console


You can download the OpenShift CLI Client (oc) matching the current OpenShift of APPUiO directly from APPUiO.

Copy the oc client on your machine into a direcotry on the defined PATH

For example: ~/bin


For certain commands eg. oc new-app a locally installed git client (git command) is required.


oc login

For more information please see Get Started with the CLI.

APPUiO Sample Applications

If you want to deploy your first “hello world” example, see OpenShift’s Developers: Web Console Walkthrough. Or dive right into some sample applications for APPUiO in our Application Tutorial section.

APPUiO - Techlab

The APPUiO - OpenShift techlab provides a hands on step by step tutorial that allows you to get in touch with the basic concepts. Check out our german APPUiO Techlab .

The german techlab covers:

  • Quicktour and basic concepts
  • install OpenShift CLI
  • First Steps on the Platform (Source To Image deployment from github)
  • Deploy a docker image from dockerhub
  • Creating routes
  • Scaling
  • Troubleshooting
  • Deploying a database
  • Code changes and redeployments
  • Attach persistent storage
  • how to use application templates

OpenShift Documentation

Please find further documentation here: OpenShift docs