Spring Boot Application

This example describes how to deploy a Spring Boot Application to APPUiO. It is based on the following example:

which is based on the docker build workflow and builds the java artifact during docker build step with gradle. The same concept applies if you want to use maven as your build too.


During Docker build the following steps are executed

  1. install Java
  2. build Spring Boot Application
  3. deploy to correct location


FROM openshift/base-centos7




# Install Java
RUN INSTALL_PKGS="tar unzip bc which lsof java-1.8.0-openjdk java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel" && \
    yum install -y $INSTALL_PKGS && \
    rpm -V $INSTALL_PKGS && \
    yum clean all -y && \
    mkdir -p /opt/s2i/destination

USER 1001

# add application source

ADD ./gradlew /opt/app-root/src/
ADD gradle /opt/app-root/src/gradle
ADD build.gradle /opt/app-root/src/
ADD src /opt/app-root/src/src

# build
RUN sh /opt/app-root/src/gradlew build
# copy to correct location
RUN cp -a  /opt/app-root/src/build/libs/springboots2idemo*.jar /opt/app-root/springboots2idemo.jar

CMD java -Xmx64m -Xss1024k -jar /opt/app-root/springboots2idemo.jar


Create new Project if needed:

oc new-project example-spring-boot

Create app and expose the service, to be able to reach the app from the internet:

oc new-app https://github.com/appuio/example-spring-boot-helloworld.git --strategy=docker --name=appuio-spring-boot-ex
oc expose service appuio-spring-boot-ex

Add ephemeral mysql Database, this step is optional, by default Spring Boot uses a ephemeral internal H2 Database:

oc new-app mysql-ephemeral -pMYSQL_USER=appuio -pMYSQL_PASSWORD=appuio -pMYSQL_DATABASE=appuio -pDATABASE_SERVICE_NAME=mysql

Warning: do use ephemeral databases only for testing purposes, use databases with persistent volumes attached for production environments


basically Spring Boot Applications can be configured out of the box by setting environment variables. This means there is no wrapping mechanism needed to be able to set configuration values in your Spring Application. http://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/current/reference/html/boot-features-external-config.html

The only thing you have to do is to set the environment variables in the given Deployment Config.

For example set the connection parameters for our database connection:

oc env dc appuio-spring-boot-ex -e SPRING_DATASOURCE_URL=jdbc:mysql://mysql/appuio?autoReconnect=true \