PostgreSQL Backup Image (the manual way)

Use the Crunchy Data PostgreSQL Backup Container to easily backup your PostgreSQL Databases inside an APPUiO project:

git clone
cd examples/openshift/backup-job/

The backup job requires a persistent volume type such as NFS be mounted by the backup container. APPUiO provides the Persistent Volume (PV), so the first step to use the backup container is to create a Persistent Volume Claim (PVC).

oc create -f backup-job-pvc.json

First we need a admin user on the PostgreSQL database to be able to do a WAL backup. Therefore you should edit the deployment config of the database container and add the following env variable:

value: yourPassword

Create the backup job and container:

oc process -f backup-job-nfs.json \
  -v CCP_IMAGE_TAG="1.2.1"\
    DATABASE_PASS="yourPassword",DATABASE_PORT=5432 \
  | oc create -f -

Note, that the BACKUP_PASS value has to be the same password as configured in the postgres deployment description.