PHP 7 with Apache Source to Image Example

This is a PHP 7 Apache Source to image example based on the following s2i Builder

Note: at the moment no official php 7 sti image is available:

Build Builder

To use the builder we need to build it first, since it is not yet available as official builder

Create new Project and create app:

oc new-project php7example

Create Builder with oc client:

oc new-app --strategy=docker --context-dir='7.0' --name="php7-apache-s2i"
oc delete svc php7-apache-s2i
oc delete dc php7-apache-s2i

Create Builder by template, and build builder:

oc new-app -f

You have to wait until the builder is ready

Deploy App

Build, deploy and create the PHP s2i App:

oc new-app php7-apache-s2i~