Node JS 6 Example

This example describes how to deploy a Node.js to APPUiO. It is based on the following app:

Easy file upload / download server:

How to deploy to APPUiO / OpenShift Cluster

Create a new project

oc new-project tmpy

Create app, since tmpy uses Node 6 as runtime, and Node 6 is not yet available in the current scl source-to-image images ( we use the origin version available under

oc new-app ryanj/centos7-s2i-nodejs:6.3.1~

OpenShift Container Platform Version less than 3.3

If you want to deploy your tmpy to OpenShift Container Platform Version less than 3.3 you will encounter a docker schema version issue.

Switch sourceStrategy ImageStreamTag(centos7-s2i-nodejs:6.3.1) to DockerImage (ryanj/centos7-s2i-nodejs:6.3.1):

oc edit bc tmpy


tmpy uses a mongodb to store the state

oc new-app mongodb-ephemeral -pDATABASE_SERVICE_NAME=mongodb -pMONGODB_USER=tmpy -pMONGODB_PASSWORD=tmpy -pMONGODB_DATABASE=tmpy


You now need to configure your App via environment variables add the following configuration to your deploymentConfig

oc env dc tmpy -e TMPY_PORT=8080 -e TMPY_IP= -e TMPY_DB_HOST=mongodb -e TMPY_DB_NAME=tmpy -e TMPY_DB_USER=tmpy -e TMPY_DB_PASSWORD=tmpy -e