Java EE Source to Image

This example describes how to deploy a Java EE Application to APPUiO using the source to image workflow. It is based on the following example:

and uses maven as build tool.

Deployment via oc Client

Create new Project if needed:

oc new-project example-jee-s2i

Create app and expose the service, to be able to reach the app from the internet:

oc new-app --name=appuio-jee-s2i
oc expose service appuio-jee-s2i

Deployment via webconsole

  1. create new Project
  2. Add to Project
  3. Choose wildfly
  4. enter a name and the repository URL:


To overwrite the default standalone configuration you can add your own standalone.xml in the source repository under


Speed up your build

With S2I you can use incremental builds to speed up the build. Build artifacts like maven dependencies will be cached.

set incremental to true in your build config

oc edit bc appuio-jee-s2i

  type: "Source"
      kind: "ImageStreamTag"
      name: "appuio-jee-s2i-image:latest"
    incremental: true